The Problem & The Plan

Studies have shown that almost 45% of former prisoners are arrested within one year of release; 83% within nine years of release.

What if we could change that? We can.

You can.

The Walls to Wages Foundation exists to fight for the freedom and flourishing of these post-prison people–those who just need one opportunity to break the cycle of incarceration.

We are the only-of-its-kind 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers long-term hope through:

Skills certification related to the coffee industry

Business certifications offered in related fields of sales, business management, café management, etc.

Paid apprenticeship during and after training and certification

Post-graduation employment

The Foundation is in startup mode for the next 14 months.

With a focused goal of building a solid foundational infrastructure, we have several key components we are building out to lay the foundation for decades to come:

Developing the application & vetting processes

Identifying employment partners

Defining the educational coursework required for two key positions – Barista and Roaster

Creating a mentoring plan

Vetting potential apprentices who have shown potential and readiness to return to the workforce

Partner with us to change the lives of many motivated post-prison people.

You can be the catalyst that gives someone else a second chance at life.